Happy 2019 & My Short 2018 Recap

Happy 2019 & My Short 2018 Recap

First post of 2019! Wishing everybody the best for ‘19 as it really feels like a fresh start for everyone 🔥

In 2018 a lot of good and bad stuff happened.

In the bag of good things we have me figuring out my personal brand/artist brand (announcing soon), going for a different musical sound, starting a blog, doing tons of self-discovery, partying at Tomorrowland, Bungee jumping, got a job as a blockchain architect & adopted 2 wonderful kittens with my ❤️ @tinedriessen

The bad stuff is kinda sad tho… Had to stop seeing my best friend since high school, my grandma died, Avicii died, Stephen Hawking died & another friend committed suicide 2 days before 19 (RIP).

That last one really dropped me in the echelons of the meaning of life. He was 22 and decided to stop playing the game. He will not experience the pleasures and pains of the future. He will read no more books, watch no more movies and make no love to the girl of his dreams. He unplugged from being, he rang the bell, may he Rest In Peace.

You see, I wanted to meet up with him again somewhere in mid-December but got overworked and postponed till January 2019. And now I’m thinking… Had I met him 2 weeks before he did it, would that have made the difference? Nobody will know.

Many would agree: Life is tough, life is suffering. Between the peaks of leisure and dopamine, we have valleys of death. These are challenges to overcome & fears to fight.

So what the hell is the meaning of life if life is suffering?

Concentration camp survivor Victor Frankl writes in “Man’s Search For Meaning” about 2 kinds of people that lived in concentration camps in WOII.

Those that hoped for a better future and a better tomorrow. These people believed that the world and their situation can change. Those are the people that survived the absolute tragedy that the camps were.

On the other hand there were people that gave up. They starved from hunger, from the pain of humiliation, slavery, and mental exhaustion. They lost all hopes in humanity, and themselves. They rang the bell, gave up and died quickly by execution.

As much motivation as we all have for 2019, the high will be over soon. The challenges and downs will come for sure when it’s least expected no less. Let’s not quit the pursuit of our goals, let’s fight fear head on and if all things fail, let’s start again.

It’s our job to transcend our emotions & fight for a better tomorrow.

In time of pain and depression, find your sun & purpose, and start to believe that the world can change. We’re all equipped with a brain that’s capable to turn our life & resources into whatever we want, so let’s do it.

Happy 2019 and Go Get Yours!

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