How to download playlists from Spotify?

How to download playlists from Spotify?

It’s not a silly question if you can’t answer it.
Jostein Gaarder (Sophie’s World)

Recently a well-traveled good friend of mine asked me how to download songs from Spotify. As you can imagine, when going on long trips abroad, sometimes you really need more than 31 days of Spotify-offline. Besides, sometimes the Spotify app hiccups, making it difficult for you to access your music offline, requiring you to find a WiFi hotspot.

As we’re both monthly paying members for years, and I couldn’t help but share a nice little workaround to accomplish just this. The steps involve usage of an app called “Deezloader” to download music from Deezer, which contains your playlists with your music, imported from Spotify using an app called “Spotizr”.

6 Steps

  1. Make an account on Deezer (free account). Don’t log in with Facebook, but create a Deezer-account. You’ll need a username later on.
  2. Go to Spotizr ( Copy your Spotify playlist (as a URL) into the URL bar in the middle of the page and log in with your created Deezer-account.  
  3. ‎Download Deezloader (link) for your platform & install. After installation, open the app and login with your Deezer-account.  
  4. In the app, select your preferred download location in the settings. Instead of putting it in your downloads folder, choose a dedicated Music folder.
  5. ‎Copy the Deezer-playlist as an URL, and paste it into Deezloader, in the box under the “download from URL” tab. Next, click download.
  6. Find your downloaded music in your selected folder, all tagged up & updated with original artwork.

Hope that answers the question & @ me on Twitter.

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