Data Privacy

Hi there.

So in EU we have this epic law, which protects your data. Since you’ve visited this website, there are a few cookies that are set in your browsers.

On this website I use WordPress Standard plugin “Jetpack” which allows me to monitor how many visitors I have. Also, when commenting or leaving a “like”, Jetpack will set a cookie in your browser, to avoid like-button spamming. More on their website:

The rest of the site does not use any third-party plugins, nor first-party cross-net tracking, so you’re free and clear from dealing with soul-destroying privacy bullshit.

Have a wonderful day.

Cookies Notice

This website use cookies for optimal alchemy (saving light/dark mode, font type, ...). If you continue using the website, we assume you're good with this! We can't disable this, however, we don't employ any form of tracking :)

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