The Sun, Earth & Us: What’s The Point Of It?

The Sun, Earth & Us: What’s The Point Of It?

In this article, I want to zoom out of our day-to-day struggles to give perspective on our human condition and broaden your view on where we actually are, both in space and time.

You & The System

Doesn’t matter where you’re currently living in the world, be it in poor, middle-class, or rich environments. Wherever you take a look, you find people with smartphones. We’re all consuming the increased digitization of Being, entertainment, and even serious business. We’re all getting a piece of the pie that is the world’s biggest network of information exchange of all time: The Internet. WOAH!

With such a huge network of humans enabled with near-instant communication, one could easily envision a big working-together human race. Like an ant-farm: one big self-organizing organism, building and solving the collective problems that we get to experience here on Earth.

Reality looks as follows: every single human being on Earth is occupied with their own problems, pleasures, life, virtual-lives or both relevant & irrelevant metrics of value, like yearly reports, monthly income, likes and views.

In doing all of this, it’s important to keep in mind that everything that we do today, will have a direct impact on tomorrow. And tomorrow’s actions and decisions will impact the day after that. This is called progress and every single person on Earth is contributing somehow to what will or will not be happening in 10 years, let alone 50 or 100 years.

Let’s take a look.

You just gave a like on Facebook? You consumed & validated both Facebook as a meaningful platform for conveying a message and the creator of the message for choosing Facebook as a platform.

You just watched a movie? You consumed & helped the creators of the movie & supported the platform through which it was distributed.

You just bought a cookie? You consumed & voted with your own willpower and money on the whole supply-chain that is behind the production, ethics and marketing of that single cookie.

All our actions have some impact on the bigger system. It is may only be 0.005% progress at a time, but it happens every day, by millions of people. But because the delta from day to day is just too small to notice, just small amounts of people observe the bigger shifts and changes in the zeitgeist and culture.

People often forget the simple fact that the world is not set in stone. It’s a natural tendency of mammals to assume stability and settle, but don’t mistake reality for what it is! Nobody has ever lived the next day. Nobody knows what will happen in a week! We may have predictions and a schedule, but everything can change in an instant.

The only thing that we’re consciously witnessing is a small slice of time that is the so-called “now”, and every second on the clock moves the perception of “now” along the axes of existence. And with every choice & action, we impact the network of humans on Earth. You don’t have to be conscious of this process to participate in it! It just does. We all just do & contribute.

The fun part: nobody knows what’s coming! Exciting isn’t it? Or terrifying?

Problems & Solutions

Our world is for a big part shaped by technology. Businesses enable or utilize technology to solve people’s problems. People consume or buy these services or products because they solve their problems, usually in a quicker, faster and cheaper way.

It’s really interesting to think about this notion of problems and solutions.

In the millions of years of evolution before, say 1950, there were no issues like we know of today. The humans or human-like creatures that lived then had other types of problems: widespread criminality, protecting the borders (or city walls) against invaders, investing in food supplies and burnable resources, cold, water,… things we consider basic stuff. They did this to allow small groups of people (cities, tribes, settlements) to survive the harsh conditions of their immediate environment. Make no mistake, these conditions were all happening where you’re currently standing!

Yet here we are in 2019, in a place somewhere in a huge fucking galaxy, in an average solar system, on a blue planet called Earth. And on average, we’re having it all time good on Earth! Just take a look at the welfare numbers in comparison to 50, 100, 1000, 10 000 years ago… It’s just ridiculous, but we’re not done yet! With more people on Earth, there are more problems to solve!

I’m actually baffled that I meet people every day that are not following the concepts and trends of the unique problems of our time. Flat out climate change deniers. Over-the-top thinkers and intellectuals claiming that the financial and economic system in the world is inherently bad. Left & Right wing ideologues¬†clinging to their ideology and spreading it like it is the Truth.

Many people think that others are the problems, and certainly not them. Many people think that earning as much money as possible is the way to go. Many people think that the old ways are better than the new ways, no questions asked.

How does one argue this? How do you change the mentality and the bullshit-story society has fed the collective consciousness with controlled media and psychological manipulations of the masses through fear? How does one attempt to give a glimpse of the bigger picture of humanity, and empower every person towards the rise of oneness in humans?

I’m not here to judge. I’m here to put things into perspective and I’m trying my best.

A Perspective

Recently I drew on 2 pieces of A4 paper a miniature version of our solar system. I’m a beginner to drawing so forgive my ignorance, but here goes…

The Sun, Earth & Us – 31 Dec 2018 – Sketched by Adam Blvck

First I like you to notice the upper half and bottom half of the drawing.

Starting from the top of the image we can see a big black dot, that’s the Sun. The Sun has in its orbit 8 planets. Only 3rd from the Sun, we have Earth. A blue marble hung in a vastness of empty space, a place where all the things that you have ever experienced came to be.

I really need you to wake up and get how significant this is.

A star, your star, our star pulls Earth, like if attached to an invisible wire, in an elliptic orbit around itself for a total duration of about 4.5 billion years. This orbit is stable enough and sits in a so-called “goldilocks” zone, where the distance is not too close and not too far from the Sun, allowing for life to evolve on Earth. The implications of this fact alone could make me write for another 2 hours.

At the bottom of the drawing, we can see a bigger version of Earth and a triangle forming, starting from the Sun and encapsulating Earth. In the triangle, we can see an eye. This eye is humanity! It’s you and me, it’s knowledge, it’s wisdom, it’s what we’ve come to see and experience. We’ve come into existence and we are able to observe our own existence.

This seeing, thinking, and observing is something that’s very precious to us, but it comes with a devastating drawback: we can attach meaning to our experience. Because our experience is a lively one, we experience a constant cycle between 2 apparent states: Order & Chaos. Just like we experience seasons because of Earth’s orbit around the sun, so we experience ebbs and flows thanks to the Moon’s orbit around Earth, and we experience day-to-day cycles of emotional upheaval or downfall in the currents of biochemistry produced by our body.

In the drawing, I depicted this with a Yin & Yang symbol that is encapsulating the iris of the eye, because beauty, chaos and order sits in the eye of the beholder.

But there is more. If you look again at “Bigger Earth”, you might notice it resembles the shape of our brain. Our brain is indeed the cognitive device that evolved over millions of years to follow the light.

Not only physical light, but Light in a symbolic sense: following the light in the dark forest, following the path of struggle to shine light onto a serious problem, fighting for the tribe, to make it ‘lighter’ to survive the harsh climate conditions just outside the walls of our homes.

In the last 50-100 years, we’ve all come equipped with central heating in our homes (in Western cultures) and easily dismiss the epochs of humanity’s and all life forms struggle against the harsh realities of surviving cold, heat, and hunger. Yet here’s reality: A large percentage of humans on Earth are still battling and struggling with these fundamental issues.

Coming back onto the brain, we humans are coming closer and closer to understanding the workings of our own brain! In the last 50-60 years of developments and research on human psychology and neuroscience we’ve come to a deeper understanding of the layers of our brain, we’re becoming aware of our thoughts, and we’re starting to understand behavior patterns, their origins and their impact on the collective consciousness.

Better yet, the most trending jobs in our world are those of capturing and diverting human’s attention towards products, stories, and distraction: Social Media Marketers.

And that’s the deeper layer of meaning in the drawing: We’ve come to observe our own existence in the universe, we’ve come to observe our own species, pains and demons in our soul, yet there are still a trillion problems floating around the world, and we’re distracting ourselves from it because we can’t look past the wall of issues and suffering that’s directly in front of us.

The only way to solve problems is to shine light on them, and spread the love across the vast connected network of people now inhabiting Earth, through the sacrifice of our own time, and investing it in the greater good of the whole. And I bet many would be with me on this if we’d forget for one second what the last 70 years of economic growth taught us.

But when we go back to the top of the drawing, all that I’ve been telling you happens on a small little dot, orbiting around a huge burning ball made of hydrogen and helium. It’s the biggest joke that always seems to go around our attention, yet here we are.

Humans, problems, suffering, … All happening on our Earth, not on Mars (not yet at least)!

Ending Note

In the past year, I’ve been reading a lot of esoteric books, since scientific and non-fiction literature couldn’t give me enough “umpf” to the overwhelming hilarity that is the human condition, and I needed some inspiration.

I really think that this is what’s meant by the word “transcendence”: we have to look past what’s been put directly in front of us, be it our day-to-day problems or mere imagined ‘difficulty’ when trying to solve hard problems, and zoom out far enough to come to a realization that it makes no¬†sense to do anything else in the world, but to serve and provide value to humanity. Be it helping one person out of misery, or training your brain to help many more people out of misery and confusion.

I’m actually terrified to publish many of my writings, least talk publicly about them on camera, just because I feel like I’m the biggest hypocrite saying or even thinking these kinds of things in the first place.

For example… to solve problems one needs money, and that’s where capitalism comes in. How does capitalism come into play of the whole? I don’t know yet.

And although I’m perfectly aware of the historical failures that have been the Alt-right Nazi experiment, and the alt-left Communism experiment, the battle for Human Rights, Equality of Opportunity and just general Peace on Earth are far far away. I’m speaking globally of course.

Take Aways

Without the Sun, there would be no Earth and there would be no light. The sun is always there, shining and emitting its wonderful energy. Be grateful for the sun, because, after all, it is your fucking sun, that gave rise to all that is in sight around you.

The stable configuration of our solar system allowed life to become self-aware: both of its humbling place in the Universe & of its own workings of its mind & body.

You and me are sitting on an orbitting rock around a burning sun with 7 neighboring planets.

Nothing about this has to be taken personal, yet it’s quite a miracle what has come to be. With this in mind, I can only conjure feelings of gratefulness and responsibility, to not make this precious cosmic scale gamble go to waste.

We’re only that what has been created by the stable orbit of Earth around the Sun. Problems arising in this game are inevitable, so why not embrace and enjoy them?

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