About me

Hi! My name is Adam Blazejczak, ADAM BLVCK is my ‘personal brand’ name. It’s short, it’s catchy and most of all, I like it!

Childhood (1998 – 2010)

Since the age of 6, I loved playing around with electronics and computers. Opening up old hard-drives, radio’s and computers for spare parts, while burning my fingers, attempting to solder basic logic circuits using IC’s. At times, I was busy making two LEDs flash in a rhythmic fashion, or assembling NAND-ports to convert binary signals into a number on an 8-segment LED screen. Creating new things was always my passion. When I was 11, my father introduced me to programming. Ever since then computers, programming, ‘hacking’, repurposing and all things tech were my passion. In particular, I had an obsession doing things nobody else did in my environment. From age 13 to 17 I created “apps” and games for several platforms including PC, Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. In one of my bigger projects, I gave a shot at recreating Patapon (the PSP game) on the Nintendo DS, dubbed “Patapon DS“. Unfortunately, after receiving a C&D letter from Sony themselves I stopped my homebrew project. Another fairly big project, a ‘top-view’ Left 4 Dead-clone, “Left 4 DeaDS“, became too complex to maintain with my limited knowledge in Object Oriented programming and almost no information on the internet back then on how to create such games in the first place.

College (2010-2015)

Because I’ve been programming since I was 11, I knew I wanted to obtain a master’s degree in Computer Science. During this time I explored other areas of interest: I started making music, went to the gym and started to read tons of books on science, business, and self-help. I made music as “Zmist” for 3 years, with one track having over 300k cumulative plays. Wanting to put a more commercial spin on my music, I joined forces with a good friend of mine to create “Lance & Mason” in 2015. We had one major goal at that time: play a gig on Tomorrowland. We’ve experimented with various types of content, we’ve played a few gigs in Belgium clubs, learned the industry and marketing. However, we missed the key ingredient for a great brand: a story. In 2018 we decided to split off. I went by ADAM BLVCK, my friend as Lone Wolf.

Life after college (2015-Now)

In 2015, I graduated and looked for a job in alignment with my master thesis and peer-reviewed paper I wrote during my bachelor with a postdoc. Both documents have topics like distributed computing, big data, visualizations, IoT and data analytics at their core. So I started tackling data science projects as a consultant at Cronos in Belgium. Being geeky and all over the place, exploring the deep web in 2010, bitcoin was something I knew existed but considered it too shady to ever take off. In 2017, later blockchain came back big on my radar, especially with the deployments of coding platforms like Ethereum and the Bitcoin price surging way above $1000. Getting quickly on par with the necessary knowledge to develop blockchain apps with online courses and books, I started developing blockchain applications professionally in 2018. Along the way, ADAM BLVCK is getting traction, but I’m still thinking about the artistic spin I want to give it. At this moment it’s still evolving in terms of what sound I want to go for, plus I’m learning the social media aspects of marketing a social brand. I believe investing my time into marketing and selling is a long-term win, which can be learned extremely well in the current market climate.

Why I do things

My primary goal is to provide value, learn, and get articulate. There’s no better teacher than writing and saying your thoughts, iterating over them as feedback comes back in. Whenever I’ve written a song, I’d like to write and tell a story about the soundscape. Share some production techniques along the way. After finishing a book, I try to link it with other topics or share my summary and opinion on it. When overcoming barriers or obstacles in my life, I’d like to distill the steps I’ve taken and give value to the audience. For me, It’s all about perspectives and planting seeds of thought and emotions.


I don’t want to put up a mask and to consistently act my part. So, ADAM BLVCK is everything that I am, online. I make music, I write, I code and I work ‘online’ with my ‘ADAM BLVCK’ personal brand. Why ADAM BLVCK though? Good question, I’m writing a post about it! Looking for my resume? Writing it too! Thanks for reading and keep on going!