Consciousness Like Black Holes?

Throughout the eons, the human mind has been entranced by the enigma of consciousness – that elusive experience of existence and awareness that tantalizingly evades our grasp.

At the very core of our being lies this enigmatic force, driving our unique creativity, expressions, and capacity to collaborate harmoniously. Its effects reverberate through the annals of history, leaving an indelible mark on art, science, and the brilliance of human genius.

Yet, despite its unmistakable impact, consciousness remains an enigma, akin to a little black hole nestled within us. All our efforts to comprehend it seem to be swallowed whole, like light sucked into the abyss. Religions sought to capture its essence through allegory and morality, only to lose themselves in its depths. Science, with its relentless pursuit, attempted to confine consciousness to the brain, but with every publication, it becomes clear that it emerges from the entirety of our existence. It cannot be isolated, defined, or even indicated with precision – its meaning veiled in the elusive dance of time.

The resemblance to physical black holes is striking. Surrounding those cosmic mysteries, we witness vast, turbulent formations of stars, a spectacle of colors, shapes, and possibilities. Though our understanding of these phenomena grows, the heart of the black hole remains impenetrable, defying our instruments and perception.

Just as astronomers meticulously observe the effects of a black hole through the motion of orbiting stars and the capture of accretion disks with powerful telescopes, we sense the effects of consciousness through our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Yet, like the depths of a black hole, the essence of consciousness eludes us, shrouded in infinite darkness.

Perhaps, then, consciousness shares the very fabric of these cosmic enigmas. It too is unknowable, transcending the boundaries of human comprehension. And yet, like a black hole’s gravitational pull, it captivates, embraces, and emanates the entire spectrum of human experience – a brilliance that lights up the universe of our existence.

Black Hole Singularity. Equations are for describing a tensor that wraps a black hole

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After having worked for over 6 years as a Data Scientist, Adam is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Physics at the University of Hasselt. To finance his studies he is active as a freelance app developer and enterprise architect. His dream is to combine the fields of computer science, physics, and psychology, and create quantifiable models for the mechanics of consciousness.

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