Will The Circle Be Unbrvken

Will The Circle Be Unbrvken

Will the circle be unbroken
By and by, by and by
Is a better, home awaiting
In the sky, Lor’, in the sky

Sang the angelic voice
Before I accepted to look myself in the eye

Then I jumped
First nothing
Then I remembered…

It came to me like a flood
Past memories of my childhood
Oh no, there they come!

I died, I died inside
I died, I died inside
I died, I died inside
I died, I died inside

This song is about structure, rules, limits, and their purpose.

We want to be free.
We want to do whatever we want.
We don’t need someone telling us what to think, or do.

Yet how can a thing do anything, when there’s nothing to guide this sense of freedom?

How can a river flow, without her banks directing her across the land?
How can one drive a car, without everyone following the same rules?
How can I trust you, if you won’t trust me?
Shall we trust the government, a group of thousands of people, each with their own needs and principles?

Circles, rules, structures… They serve one purpose: so that we may know the current limits, and grow past those structures, building new and better ones.

Religion is a structure of stories and beliefs, but if one is not allowed to outgrow them, and reintegrate them into a bigger whole, you create what we can see in the world today at large: The Fallen Kingdom of Heaven.

Parenting puts structures and rules for children to follow.
It’s supposed to align the children with their life energy, so that they may grow, strong and big, a force for good in the world.
When it’s time, they will outgrow those, and shall either be provided with new ones, or they will be forced to make their own.

Even in society, this holds true.
Central banks, central government, and central law enforcement allow human civilisation to grow at a rapid pace, and now it’s time to shed the skin, and grow a new one.

Trouble comes when when one resists change, individually, or collectively. Even worse when one feels limited and oppressed by the current structure.

In those cases, the circle will be broken for you.

“Will the circle be unbrvken” is thus both a strong call to faith, promising that structure is needed, perhaps holy even.
Yet also a strong reminder, that the circle will eventually be broken.
With a promise, that a new one will be ready to catch us, after the jump, creative endeavor, or selfless act of love.

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