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What follows is an alternative “Ceremonial Magick” perspective of the outer spheres on the Hologenetic Profile, as delivered by Gene Keys, and in particular the sphere of Life’s Work. I’ve been practicing ceremonial magick for a little over 4 years, and have been walking the path of the Gene Keys for a little longer. I’ve found that the activation sequence is a similar ritual and exercise to the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) and other initiatory rituals from other cultures which incorporate four directions and four elements. The purpose of doing “elemental magick” work is to differentiate and control different internal processes and energies.

I’ll be joining all Gene Keys retreats in 2024, and currently, we’re in the first month of the Activation Sequence, contemplating the Life’s Work Sphere. Below is a forum post that I wrote to bring a ceremonial magick perspective to the space, and extra keywords for contemplation.

If you’re interested in learning about a different approach to contemplating your Life’s Work Sphere in the activation sequence, this post is for you!

Schematic Hologenetic Profile, with the four elements spanning the tent

Greetings lovely folks and people, sprinkled over the whole wide world! I took it upon myself to share my past contemplations during the course. This month in particular, I’ll be posting insights into the Life’s Work sphere, through the lens of Western Magick. This guide aims to shed light on a complimentary interpretation that marries ancient wisdom with our quest for personal transformation, providing additional textures and keywords, allowing /us to tune in deeper into the crucial algorithm, which is the Activation Sequence.

At the center of Western Magick, there’s the Magician, who stands in the middle of his impression field and performs physical rituals, spoken or through movement, to cause a change in the experience of his or her life. The true magician is the ancient observer and explorer of the world of thought forms, emotional forms, and physical forms. Thus, core to Western Magick is the ability to discern between different types and flavors of energies, between different mindsets and “Sources of Origin” of the internal world, including those that are working within.

In Gene Keys too, our main approach features the keyword “Contemplation“, which is a gentle and acute practice to create extra space in life, allowing for what is to come to pass through, and allowing us to discern the inner landscape, as it matches against the puzzle pieces provided by the Gene Keys, or Spheres on the Golden Path.

This week then, we’ve been gifted a transmission by our wonderful GK Hosts into the sphere of Life’s Work.

From a Magickal perspective, Life’s Work is attributed to the Fire Element. Fire, the primary donor of life, warmth, and energy as manifested in the form of the Sun, is not just a physical phenomenon but a magical catalyst for growth, change, and initiation.

This month then, you could take the analogy of Life’s Work as the rough edge that hooks onto your clothes, to strip you naked as you live life through the shadow, and reveal to you your inner fire. Fire is about passion, decisions, and filtering possibilities. Think about it, your Life’s Work in a single incarnation cannot possibly mean that you’ll be doing everything. Somehow there’s a choice to be made, a path to be followed, a passion to be pursued, and a fire to be kindled. This is your Life’s Work! It’s your Great Work!

This month we’re not visiting a mere sphere, oh no no! We’re visiting a QUADRANT OF YOUR PSYCHE, which corresponds to SUMMER! The feeling of dryness and hotness. The capacity to push through walls, start wars, or love billions instead, is ignited in this very place, which is called Life’s Work. This month, each time that we take the time to take a step back, open the Triple Flame App, hit the 3-minute pause, and tune with innocence and admission, into our Life’s Work Shadow and Gift, we’re doing the work.

Contemplation, in any form, is about creating space, then gently putting highly potent magickal keywords in there, and noticing where the fluid and energetic content of our psyche takes us.

This month, as we’re contemplating our Life’s Work, we’re exploring the quality of our inner fire.

To know the quality of our inner fire primes us 1/4th of the way to ascend into the High Path of Love!

To take it back into Gene Key’s Land – our Inner Fire has a reactive and repressive side, and this is reflected in your Gene Key. How this inner fire translates your energy into outer movement is where your Life’s Work comes in.

Let’s go through the three energetic spaces of Fire.

The Shadow of Fire: You might have already learned, that our inner fire has its flaws: it can burn us, burn our relationships, and worst of all, our core sense of stability. It can cause us to identify with our worth, our bodies, or our titles and make us lash out or repress ourselves. Instead of having our inner fire cook delicious and wonderful meals of honest conversation, easy-going dances, interactive exploration… STUCK IT GETS!! How stuck does the Fire get in our lives?! Like a wet wick of a candle, the flame just won’t lit, and when it’s lit, it’s too lit. From the shadow’s perspective, fire represents a challenge to our acceptance of causing change in The Current. The Shadow of Fire would dare to say something like “Oh Master, help me grow and shine my light, but I don’t want to do it”. It wants to achieve greatness, without risk, nor failure. The Shadow of Fire prefers to make 10 familiar bad decisions, than one good one. It wants to ignite love in everyone, without acceptance of the shadow of others, nor its necessary ability to transmute them. The Shadow of Fire wants to remain distorted to the familiar as you [YOUR SHADOW KEYWORD in PRESENT TENSE] during [YOUR LINE KEYWORD]. In Fire, you’ll find the ignition point, the very beginning of each step of our life’s journey. Yet, within the shadow, there’s a hesitancy, a reluctance to let go and embrace the transformative currents that life offers through your body and presence. This stuckness, a fear of getting burned, symbolizes our resistance to stepping into our true potential, often influenced by our attachment to how things ‘should’ be, and in worst case to the Familiar Hell.

The Gift of Fire: In contrast, The Gift of Fire is about engagement and transformation. It’s about taking the change that is presenting itself and leaning gently into it. The Gift of Fire knows the Shadow very well and uses it to direct energetic flows into Service. The Gift of Fire is your capacity to take Life for what is and apply [YOUR GIFT KEYWORD] during [YOUR LINE KEYWORD], hence Life’s Work. The Gift of Fire sits in its ability to recognize that life, with all its dragons and rains, pains, and fears, is not a series of obstacles, but passion-igniting opportunities. This month, it’s recommended to spend 90% of your time and attention on the Gift Frequency, since it works together with the Shadow anyway. The Shadow acts as the “changing underlying force”, converted into Loving Service. You’ll become smart by reading about your Fire Shadow, yet you’ll become Wise by living out the Gift Frequency. Living Life out of the Gift of Fire will cause suffering to boil up, as it’s the nature of Fire to bring out the hidden essences of matter. Thus next month, you’ll be greeted with the element of Water, your Evolution, to balance out the Fire, and reveal the exact the counterpart of your Inner Fire.

The Siddhi of Fire: The Siddhi of Fire is the Mystery of God. Michael, the Archangel of Fire, is the Archangel Who Is Like God. He carries a Sword, with which he cuts lies and heals wounds. The Siddhi of Fire brings the essence of Divinity into such a pure and blasting form, it could turn the whole Earth into a Diamond. The Siddhi of Fire has a two-million-year vision, a thousand-year roadmap, and a 100-year plan, and it’s all executed in perfectly ordered chaos, through each breath that the billions of us take, and make us build the new tomorrow, the new us. The New We. Each time you put one of the Gene Key keywords into your mind, as you contemplate in action or silence, you’re distilling [YOUR SIDDHI KEYWORD] and unlocking a millionth of a percentile of new DNA code in your body, which does seemingly nothing to both the Gift and Shadow, until the Archangel visits and reveals to you the million-year journey on which you’ve been traveling through, all this time, and now have a part to play in this lifetime.

Closing Thoughts: If you’re reading this, you’ll be amazed at the depth of this work. Our journey through the Activation Sequence, especially through the fiery path of Life’s Work, is a call to recognize the transformative power within us. The vibe of the Life’s Work sphere is “I AM SO STOKED TO GO ON A HIKE”. It’s an invitation to shift from resistance to acceptance, from fear to courage. Fear is safe, so go wild! Dream and envision your wildest WILL in this world. If you’d allow yourself to give your imagination its fullest, what would it be?! The Quality of Your Life’s Work is made out of the fabric that generates the images, words, fears, and emotions into your Conscious Awareness. The more you’ll contemplate, the more you’ll add additional “discernments” to your inner perception of your inner world, making you Know Thyself, and become Wise for the service of others.

Now then, a lot has been shared! Still, as we navigate through the Shadows, Gifts, and Siddhis, let us remember that our Life’s Work, Our Fire within is not just a source of warmth but a beacon guiding us toward our Highest Evolution, which I’ll be writing and sharing on as we walk the pathway of Challenge, the Yud of the Tetragrammaton.

Closing Thoughts: I invite you all to reflect on your own Life’s Work and the element of Fire. How does it manifest in your life? How do you engage with its transformative energy? Share your experiences and insights, as our collective wisdom enriches this journey we’re on together.

Much Love,

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