My mission is to connect the dots between the human condition, science, and technology.

On this blog, I’m gonna try my best to document my journey of trying to make sense out of my chaos.

It’s painful because, in search for perfection, I’m not trying.
It’s oppressive because, in search for validation, I’m judging.
It’s dominating because, in search for communion, I’m acting out of lack.
It’s dull because, in search for astonishment, I’m being narrow-minded.

Of course, this is all chaos talk. It’s the dragon to be slain.
Easy to say. Hard to slay.

When I’m not creating and not posting, I’m probably in my head, fighting over details. Come cheer me up on Instagram/Twitter!

Anyhow, I’m out to slay the dragon, by shining some of my own light on the unfolding chaos.

Hope you don’t mind.

Quotes That Make Me Start
“Start now, get perfect later”
“God is unlimited but lacks the limited”
“You’re time is set”

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