SpellBook – Reverse Social Media

In October 2020, I published my ideas on tackling the attention economy by reversing the direction of the attention flow (read here).

Social Media capitalizes on the consumption of other’s content, en masse. In SpellBook, you’re consuming your own.

Literally ‘reverse social media’, where algorithms are not designed to make you see as many ads as possible, but instead to promote introspection and clarity into your own soul.

I got to work every night since then, and today I’m happy to present you my first version of the app!

Introducing SpellBook – my jab at the attention monopoly, and a tool to balance out our information diet with personal ideas, thoughts, and decisions, which we hold dear to our hearts.

The app is a fair attempt to combine
Modern UX with Practical Wisdom, while having decentralization and privacy at its beating core.

You don’t want to miss this!

SpellBook App Screenshot
SpellBook, digital moleskin on data-steroids

UNSTVCK – Uncovering The Hidden World

Solar system with soul projected between two pillars, the moon, tarot
UNSTVCK Cover Artwork

UNSTVCK is my first album, and a raw digital monument, in which I share my experience of healing deep psychological wounds while formulating inconvenient concepts of Truth

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