Triple Flame

Transform your day with the Art of Contemplation!

A year ago Richard Rudd came up with a wonderful idea for an app, and in collaboration with BLVCK STUDIOS, we developed it into a beautiful app which is now available on all platforms.

The Triple Flame’s pausing technique involves pausing for 3 minutes every 3 hours, alongside many people spread across the globe. Regular but short pausing will infuse your busy day with a contemplative state, which can be an incredibly enriching experience. Contemplate with others, and deepen your joy into the silence and beauty that we often miss in our busy lives.

SpellBook – Your Inner MetaVerse

Welcome to SpellBook – the app that challenges the attention economy by reversing the direction of the attention flow. In October 2020, I shared my first ideas on tackling this issue by introducing a reverse social media experience that focuses on promoting introspection and clarity into your own soul instead of capitalizing on the consumption of others’ content.

With SpellBook, you’re consuming your own content in an “inner metaverse”. SpellBook’s Feed-algorithms are designed to prioritize your mental space, promoting practical wisdom and helping you organize your thoughts. Since SpellBook is about your innermost truest thoughts and ideas, the app is made to function offline forever, with no sneaky tracking, and is equipped with military-grade encryption.

After working tirelessly every night since my initial announcement, I’m thrilled to present the first version of SpellBook! SpellBook’s modern UX seamlessly blends with practical wisdom, providing you with a unique social media-like experience that prioritizes your mental health and well-being through custom-made offline-only AI algorithms.

Join the app today and take the first step toward reclaiming your attention!

SpellBook App Screenshot
SpellBook, digital moleskin on data-steroids

UNSTVCK – Uncovering The Hidden World

Solar system with soul projected between two pillars, the moon, tarot
UNSTVCK Cover Artwork

My first album, and a raw digital monument

Using sound, text, and imagery, I take you on a journey through the healing of the bedrock of the soul, with deep reconciliation at the end


Thoughts & Musings

Make Chaos Go Away

I’ve turned my poem into a video, using AI-Generated Art (Mid Journey, RunwayML, LeiaPix) for the storytelling. The poem is about feeling the storm and the many polarities of the human condition. Much Love!

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Consciousness Like Black Holes?

Throughout the eons, the human mind has been entranced by the enigma of consciousness – that elusive experience of existence and awareness that tantalizingly evades our grasp. At the very core of our being lies this enigmatic force, driving our unique creativity, expressions, and capacity…

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The Function of Religion

When individuals engage in collaborative endeavors, whether constructing structures or preparing meals, they must establish a shared foundation of meaning. This includes a common language as well as agreed-upon measures, scales, and quantities. People function more effectively when they possess a greater vocabulary and insight…

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ChatGPT is a Trickster

In recent months, we have witnessed the rise of conversation-type applications of AI, such as ChatGPT, BingChat, and Bard. These powerful AI models are driven by massive language models, trained on vast amounts of text, including paragraphs, books, and even legal, programming, or ethical code….

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Generative Art – Shaping Imagination Using Neural Networks

The Generative Art Community experiences a huge high with the release of an increasingly popular VQGAN+CLIP notebook, which generates unique art given an input description. The description is allowed to contain any word describing anything, including styles descriptions, like “by Greg Rutkowski”. Here’s an example:…

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satellite bob whisky story ai

Bob & Whisky

Bob and Whisky, two AIs, live in a generative computer game that iterates similarly to our universe: there was a start, basic components interacted, they formed patterns, and eventually emerged as sentient AIs living on a sphere around a star, called Htrea. Bob and Whisky…

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Why Can Life Be So Fucking Hard?

Why can life be so fucking hard?Is it actually? Only when you desire something from it.Damn Profound shit said left and rightBut Who Cares? The tree grows steadilyKeeping a simple paceOne sunset per day There is no pressure for the Tree Where then does this…

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Forget Because

What is the sound of a shallow day?What is the smell of a shortened ray?How do you will your will?Is there no magic pill? I Forget.Day in. Day out.That all decisions are my own.I Forget. So I asked myself one dayWhat is the source of…

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Thinking: My Friend & Enemy

Everyone can fall in the trap of overthinking, analysis paralysis and forgetting the bigger picture. But it seems that not everyone is faced with this problem, as most people that I know choose structured jobs and a sense of security over dancing with chaos and…

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Tilting at Windmills [Doodle]

Morning Doodle #69 Tilting at windmills means fighting invisible enemies. Alan Watts once said that a philosopher only knows what he’s thinking when he’s arguing. So when is it okay to tilt at windmills?

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what does it take

what does it take?

what does it take, to limit the unlimited?to subdue perfection to insanity?to not judge everything after seeing it?to make the unlimited bend the knee to the limited? God is omnipresent!God is omnipotent!God is omniscient! what does it take? humans

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Happy 2019 & My Short 2018 Recap

First post of 2019! Wishing everybody the best for ‘19 as it really feels like a fresh start for everyone ? In 2018 a lot of good and bad stuff happened. In the bag of good things we have me figuring out my personal brand/artist…

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data science AI data machine learning big data growth scale business tech how to build neural network lessons learned when building business online how to make neural network data scientist learn models lessons from expierence how is working for data scientist like

3 Lessons From 3 Years of Data Science Experience

Millions of records added every day, a bag full of missing values, table-join hell, non-written but brain-stored documentation, inconsistent reports,.. and all this while a brand-new AI-company comes in through higher up management to pitch an all-in-one, end-to-end, world-peace solving AI solution. Contrary to popular…

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How to download playlists from Spotify?

It’s not a silly question if you can’t answer it.― Jostein Gaarder (Sophie’s World) Recently a well-traveled good friend of mine asked me how to download songs from Spotify. As you can imagine, when going on long trips abroad, sometimes you really need more than 31…

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vision, why, start blog post, doing it

First Post: My Vision, Intention, Why & How

Hello everyone, my first post here on my website and Medium! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog, a youtube channel and a social media outlet for a while now, but for major and minor reasons I’ve never committed to the cause. Somewhere in October…

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