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Why Can Life Be So Fucking Hard?

Why can life be so fucking hard?Is it actually? Only when you desire something from it.Damn Profound shit said left and rightBut Who Cares? The tree grows steadilyKeeping a simple paceOne sunset per day There is no pressure for the Tree Where then does this pressure come from?From consciousness? Yes!The Mother of Chaos.The Father of… Continue reading

Forget Because

What is the sound of a shallow day?What is the smell of a shortened ray?How do you will your will?Is there no magic pill? I Forget.Day in. Day out.That all decisions are my own.I Forget. So I asked myself one dayWhat is the source of this treasured pain? I Think That I ThinkDay in. Day… Continue reading

Thinking: My Friend & Enemy

Everyone can fall in the trap of overthinking, analysis paralysis and forgetting the bigger picture. But it seems that not everyone is faced with this problem, as most people that I know choose structured jobs and a sense of security over dancing with chaos and pursuit of creativity. A job where a manager tells you… Continue reading

what does it take?

what does it take, to limit the unlimited?to subdue perfection to insanity?to not judge everything after seeing it?to make the unlimited bend the knee to the limited? God is omnipresent!God is omnipotent!God is omniscient! what does it take? humans

How to download playlists from Spotify?

It’s not a silly question if you can’t answer it.― Jostein Gaarder (Sophie’s World) Recently a well-traveled good friend of mine asked me how to download songs from Spotify. As you can imagine, when going on long trips abroad, sometimes you really need more than 31 days of Spotify-offline. Besides, sometimes the Spotify app hiccups, making… Continue reading