Wrong Progrvm

Wrong Progrvm

During the healing work, out came a great realisation.
We’re a traumatised society, with a traumatising past, traumatising others.
As a collective, we’re running the wrong program.

Capitalism is the wrong program.
Communism is the wrong program.
Post-modernism is the wrong program.
The Selfish Gene is the wrong program.

Be it not a choice in politics, or the tendency for power or security, it’s undeniable how reactive we are towards our environment, the news, trends, the weather and seasonal changes.

We don’t notice that we have 5 senses, addicting us to sensations.
We are scared of death as if it’s unnatural.
We take the Sun for granted, and the Earth.
We forget that there are planets orbiting the Sun, even less so that our immediate physical reality is STARS.
Going down, we forget that our bodies are a perfect orchestration of countless cells, bacteria, viruses, and cooperating organs.

We take it all for granted, and we crave for the sensation.

So what is the correct program?

That is something we have to figure out together.
The Left points at the middle, and sees the Right on the other side.
The Right points at the middle, and sees the Left on the other side.
This senseless swinging must be halted.

Left And Right Both Have The Same Fight About The Same Plight

Love should be at the base of the program.
Love through an open heart, in service of the whole.
At an individual level, it’s a choice for an appreciative attitude

To change the world, we start by changing ourselves first, and I hold this Truth dearly in my heart, yet it requires daily re-minding and re-membering of this fact.

As I’m deepening my inner work, I notice that the inner reality is much larger and more complex than one would ever suspect.

And as I follow the path of the Great Work, I can’t help but keep silent.
I can’t even judge.

I don’t wish anybody to go through what I’ve been going through to heal my heart.

Still, The Selfish Gene is running the show.

The key is attitude.
That’s how we can re-calibrate the bodily expression of our multitude.

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