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The Practise and Art of Ceremonial Magick demonstrates that our minds can effortlessly conjure and dismiss images. We have the power to infuse these mental pictures with emotional significance, thereby charging them with a lasting energy that seems to linger, sometimes subtly influencing our thoughts and actions.

This durability of emotionally charged images acts as invisible signposts, subtly guiding us through the labyrinth of life. They act like silent puppeteers, maneuvering us toward specific outcomes.

Consider this: You’re scrolling through a website, captivated by a product you desire – a car, a gadget, whatever. The clever marketer works magic on your emotions, conjuring visions of you basking in the glow of ownership. Through persuasive tactics, they seek to bind your emotions to the product, imprinting their message on your psyche.

Close the site, and if they’ve succeeded, these mental images act like silent guides, potentially leading you to purchase.

Let’s look at another, deeper example: Trauma. Suppressed memories carry enormous emotional weight, whether they’re from personal experiences or imagined worst-case scenarios. These “thought forms” whirl in our minds, silently impacting our lives.

The accompanying image encapsulates this concept. It places an “observant you” at the center of a network of emotional impressions or “points of distinction”, each one subtly influencing your path. Like a vessel on the ocean, you navigate from one experience to another, subtly swayed by these emotionally significant events.

The Center You, in the middle of a vast network of emotional impulses

This is the essence of a Magician – a figure capable of manipulating perception to attach or detach emotional significance from reality.

Those familiar with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) or the Lotus Flower might find this idea especially resonant. Consider these images and concepts in this new light. It might offer you a fresh perspective on your journey.

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