Gnomon – Time Companion

Welcome to Gnomon Time Companion!

I created this tool with a few goals in mind:

  • Keeping track of cosmic time, for use in spiritual practices, using planet positions as hour dials on this huge sky-clock
  • I Ching and Gene Key reference
  • Exploring innovative ways to explore the 64-fold nature of the I Ching. Traditionally these have been explored using two stacked trigrams, where each trigram represents one of the eight elements. This apps innovates in this respect, by allowing for analysis using three digrams (four elements per digram). This allows for intricate meaning matching in spheres of knowledge present in the Western Tradition.

I’m not ready to share how I use this app personally, still I think there are people out there that would love to play with its intricacies.

You can visit the app on the link below, or have a pre-loaded look at the app below.

May Time always be with you!

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