22 Minutes, 7 Tracks, 1 Truth
Out on 22 Sep 2020

How It Began

I’m a stubborn person, and I like pointing out mistakes. I love the debate, to destroy someone using Reason, or to summarize someone’s belief system, to indicate how smart I am.

Doing so elevates my sense of worth, as I love to feel valued, to be seen, and to be acknowledged.

For whole my life I thought there was nothing wrong with this approach. Some people are smarter, others are less educated. That’s just how it is. Truth should be the #1 aspiration in people’s lives, right?

There’s one problem with this little passion of mine.

To prove that I’m right, I’m proving someone else wrong.
It’s a transactional game where someone always loses, and that someone better not be me!

When I thus turned 21 in 2012, I started spotting inconsistencies between Science and The Word of God.

As I started researching the topic more, I’ve grown in confidence, and held nothing back to prove my Father wrong.

In doing so, I freed myself from Roman Catholic Dogma.
But I also lost my Father’s favor.
Today in 2020, 5 years later, he still doesn’t want to see me, nor talk to me.

Then something weird happened.
I wanted to be happy, but I wasn’t happy.
I wanted to be social and to do cool things, but I kept overthinking.
I wanted to be of service to others, but I felt worthless.
Then I started feeling depressed, and my mind couldn’t take a break from overthinking.

I thought to myself, there must be something missing in my life!

So I tried to find the answer OUTSIDE of myself:
In books and podcasts about success, In courses about money, business
In self-improvement like in fitness, and relationships.

Although ‘achieving’, I felt emptier by the day, darker by the month, and more ‘broken goods’ than ever.

Something was wrong, at a fundamental level, but I didn’t see it, nor could I name it.

In late 2016 my girlfriend introduced me to this spiritual concept called “Shadow Work” – To willingly face unresolved parts within one’s “Psyche” and integrate them within “You”.

I had a lot of resistance against spiritual concepts, given that I just escaped from a pair of savage claws, and most of it being unscientific according to popular scientists and celebrity skeptics.

But as the months progressed, the darkest hour approached closer and closer. I got myself in situations where I found myself in uncontrollable downwards spirals, seeing negativity and the worst in everything and myself, and I couldn’t blame it this time on anything external.

So I gave in. I agreed to put aside all that I already knew about Science, Psychology and The Brain… to take a deep look at this “Shadow Work”.

It took only a few sincere minutes of reading in one of Teal Swan’s books, before I understood that there was a deep hidden truth, waiting to be uncovered.

From that point on, I decided to step into the dark unknown, to heal the deepest parts of my soul.

And that’s where the album’s story begins.

The Artwork

Solar system with soul projected between two pillars, the moon, tarot

Art tries to express the inexpressible.
Yet it helps to have a little bit of an explanation.

At the top of the Artwork you can see our Solar System, the stars, and the Moon. That’s the physical reality.

Out of the Sun, through the sphere of the Earth, a beam is being made, and Soul-like creature is projected between two pillars, and chained to them.

That’d be the venturing soul into the ‘inner layers of consciousness’, the underworld. The land of symbols, archetypes, and non-physical aspects of reality.

And what does he see?

The ravaged landscape of his subconscious mind.

Into The Rabbithole

Return here on the 22 September 2020 to listen to the album, and to read how the story unfolds with each track!

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