Turning Scars into Stars

Let’s slow down, take a breath, and allow me tell you a story behind the logo.

I have this epic scar on my face. Received it when I was about 5 years old, on a murky rainy day.

Wanting to go for a walk with my parents, I tried to convince them.
“Only when it doesn’t rain outside” echoed in my head.

So I went to my room, put one foot 🦶 on my bed to allow myself to peak through the window. As I looked, it was grey outside, but it didn’t rain.

With excitement, I knew what to do. I stepped off my bed, as to land on both feet, and then… I slipped!

My left cheek against the left corner of the heater below the windowsill. Cut in an instance, red flowing with no resistance. Silence in my head.

My mom stormed into my room “What happened?! Oh no!”. My father stormed in too… The next thing I knew is that we’re visiting our family doctor. Young lady, she was back then, as she sewed the thing, instead of letting it heal.

Thus I got, a stripe with 4 dots, on my cheek.

The scar on my face

Fast forward 14 years

“Dad, Mom, I want to study Truth & Science”. They said, “only if they don’t tell lies“. I looked outside, it was grey but saw no lies.

I knew what to do, landed on both feet, but next… I slipped, I felt! My heart was cut open by the immune system of belief, and “-isms” of all kinds. I felt out of my parent’s grace.

The next thing I know is that I’m visiting rationalist breeds. Young lads they were, as they told me Evidence is the only thing that counts, and religion… Those are arbitrary stories, stories for grown-ups.

Thus then, I got skill in drawing a stripe, dividing thoughts and people into sides. Shallowness and emptiness abound!

Fast forward to today

I’m learning to go my own way, to not ask for a walk, but to go for a walk. As to my past, I try to ameliorate every single part, and my upcoming album is all about this process.

The process of turning scars into stars.

My Scar Turned Into A Star

⭐️ UNSTVCK album out on 22nd September! ⭐️

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