Counterbalancing The Social Dilemma With A Secret Weapon: You

The Social Dilemma Solution
How to solve the social dilemma problem

My solution to the problems presented in The Social Dilemma Netflix documentary.

Like most Millennials, we knew that there’s something up with sharing private information on a public platform the moment these platforms launched between 2005-2010. They were platforms for memes, funny videos, and flattery of the most exalted type.

But then it got serious. So serious in fact, that nobody knows it anymore. It’s time to counterbalance this capitalistic monster. See my slides below.

If you’re interested in contribution, drop me a mail or contact me on my *COUGH* socials.

I’ll be making a public repository as soon as time will allow me to layout a plan for getting to work.

Adam Blvck

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