Visualization of the Qabalistic Cross

A visualisation of the Qabalistic Cross
A visualisation of the Qabalistic Cross

When imagining infinity, one is usually bound towards overarching aspects of moral good, mathematical infinity, or something “very far away”.

It’s true! In a practical sense, infinity is perhaps more a feeling than a quantitative measure. For example, how far are the stars? Very far! Infinitely far? Well… in our day to day lives, stars actually fall more in the “infinitely far things that don’t matter” basket, than anything else!

How do we bring the feeling of infinity into our daily life then? Is there a way in any sense? Philosophically speaking, that which lies at infinity cannot be measured, nor grasped. Can it be felt then? Can we feel the universe at large, through awe and wonder?

Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition.

Alan Turing – quoted in Theories of Everything by JD Barrow

Perhaps there is! Spiritual structures are boundary conditions for thoughts, acting in a similar way to river shores, which keep a river flowing along its grooved pathway.

But instead of giving a rundown through a few infinity-balancing visualisations, here’s one from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, called the Qabalistic Cross. It places and balances the human at the center between the infinity of spacetime, and the limitation of the Earth on which he stands. On the right he has the power to put change forward, and on the left he has control to receive and enjoy that which is.

The Kabbalistic (or Qabalistic) Cross is in this sense, very similar to the Christian Cross, which marks the start and ending of rituals. One could say, that the Kabbalistic Cross precedes the Roman Catholic version, but I won’t be getting into that debate at this time!

For now, I present you a visualization of the Qabalistic Cross, and my dramatic sacred text version of it:

A visualisation of the Qabalistic Cross

In that day he entered the temple, turned towards the East, and visualised a place way beyond the farthest reaches of light, and beyond that, he found the purest light – the source at which it all began.

And as his imagination allowed, he pulled down the infinite light, and said “ATAH MALKUTH” – Thine is the kingdom! The blue marble, available at your splendor and prosperity!

And after that he reached as far right as he could, and when seeing Red, He said: “VE GEBURAH” – The Power, through which he may change matter as he sees fit.

Then turning as far left as he could, after seeing Blue, he said “VE GEDULAH”- and the GLORY, through which his words and service may be of the highest to the whole.

It was then that he clasped both hands on his chest, where the sun sphere shineth the brighest, and said “LE OLAM AMEN” – for eternity, so may it be.


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