DNA as Hardware – Thoughts as Software

body mind and spirit
body mind and spirit, where thoughts are being downloaded into the human body and soul.

Would it be true, that our DNA “downloads” our thoughts, and then gently twists and codes for proteins, steering the body towards the downloaded intention-packet?

Perhaps even further: would our body seek the shortest path to its programmed destination? Kinda like an electron, behaving stochastically, yet somehow following Fermat’s principle?

Then at some point one ought to wonder, how much damage has been done to the world at large, by the mass adoption of post-modernistic thought, which regards thought as a remixed potential of environmental stimuli, and life itself as entropy hell.

So yes I wonder… The seemingly endless war between dear scientism, and the complete abhorrence of any damn *-ISM.

When is the theory of hidden harmony coming? We truly, truly, truly need one!

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