First Post: My Vision, Intention, Why & How

vision, why, start blog post, doing it
vision, why, start blog post, doing it

Hello everyone, my first post here on my website and Medium! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog, a youtube channel and a social media outlet for a while now, but for major and minor reasons I’ve never committed to the cause.

Somewhere in October 2018, I decided to fuck it, ignore my overthinking and start putting out content on my 26th Birthday (9th of December) which is exactly today!

It’s not that I have only my journey, opinions and lessons to share, but I’ve been producing quite a while under the covers. I’m planning to release those tracks week-by-week soon.

Since it’s my first post, I want to share my vision, my intention, my why’s and my how’s. This to give context to future content & possibly help me remind myself what I’m all about.

My Vision

My core vision and mission is to leave the biggest impact possible on Earth before dying.

I realize that leaving an impact on Earth can be done in both a negative and a positive sense. I want to do this in the most positive sense possible, by utilizing my core strengths and giving it all to humanity.

Since I’m just beginning my journey, chipping at the biggest grind of my life, I’m still in the beginning phase of discovering and understanding my passions, my thoughts, strengths, weaknesses, and my purpose.

In general, I want to increase the total awareness of humanity. I want to make people aware of their good and wrongdoing. I want to provide perspective to our lives. I want us to consider the weakest and poorest human fellow being when we don’t commit doing our thing, or complain instead. I want people to get to know and understand themselves. I want people to understand other humans around them by employing empathy and make them understand they would probably end up in the same place given the same circumstances.

I want to iron out the big data mess the internet hosts, by employing cool visualization and exploration tools. I want to give a mirror to people. A mirror that tells them the truths of their reality to their face. I want people to understand and make them structure their lives around contemplated behaviors and self-awareness instead of some short-term win. I want to bring clarity and context to people’s believes. I want people to be able to look at themselves and make them consider if that’s in fact the life they want to live.

I want to understand emerging culture-changing technologies like AI, blockchain, VR & the ever-evolving internet. I want to both be a philosopher and a practitioner in these fields. I want to be the positive counterweight to the potential negative outcome these technologies have to offer. 

I want to provide people with tools that will guide them out of their demon-hogged mindsets, better known as mental health issues. I want to tell people stories and play music to their ears that might trigger certain emotions to help them get over suppressed undercover emotions.

But most of all, I want to do good. Doing good manifests in many different ways. It can mean standing up for the weakest in the room. It might be calling someone out on their lies. It might be leaving a company because of clashing ethics.

All the above is my vision for the long term. I’m talking about 50-60 years from today. It’s gonna be a long ride, and I’m planning to document the journey every day. The vision might change, but my core intentions will not.

At the end of my life I want to minimize one variable of unhappiness: did I regret not doing something?

My Intention

My personality is quite … I don’t know… Every changing and pretty cocky apparently. I’ve been described by some friends as a douchebag. By certain family members, I’ve been called the devil. By colleagues, I seem to come over as “too sales-y”.

Are they correct? I can’t help but not care because I can’t control what others think. But I know my intentions:

I want the best for the other person, certainly when it’s a 1-on-1 conversation. I want to provide value. I want to pull the rug from beneath you, only to catch you in a comfy chair. I say something mean but true to someone if I believe that might wake them up. I want to destroy the system when I truly believe the system is broken.

I try to back up my intentions by learning daily about the human condition, human knowledge, science and our everchanging zeitgeist. I try my best to always think from someone else’s perspective first, instead of being cocksure of mine.

Leading us up to the why’s…

My Why’s

This one is a difficult one. It’s difficult because the ultimate why leads usually to the most spiritual and non-sense making conclusions.

For example… Someone might want to earn a lot of money. Why? Well to go on more vacations with his family and buy a house for his children. Why? to make the wife, partner and children happy.

That’s all fine, but I’d dare to ask the why question a few more times: Why does someone want to make his wife and children happy? Probably because we humans have this innate physiological binding to our partners and children, making us utterly committed to their wellbeing. But if I’d ask the “why” to that, I’ll either start talking about the grandeur of The Cosmos and our role in it or talk about emotionless biochemistry.

When it comes down to my why’s, I have a few personal deep reasons that essentially all come down to a very deep conviction of needing to do something big and good in the world.


The only way to do the above is by putting in the work. Instead of creating original content, I’d be documenting much of my journey. Other times I’ll be describing lessons learned or my opinion … I could be summarizing a book in one week, the other week I’ll be talking about Jung’s psycho-analysis methods. Other weeks I might be sharing a song and write about the inspiration process. My content is not meant to be consistent over time.

The cold hard reality is that I’m a huge beginner to all of this, which includes life, making music, writing, reading, understanding the world, talking, negotiating, social media, … The only way to get good at all of this is by trial-and-error, grinding through the body of work, and learning from the failures.

It’s for this reason that I’m willing to commit myself to release a full written post a week. Given the sheer spectrum of interests I possess, finding a topic to write or talk about shouldn’t be a problem. The only thing that’s left is the execution.

I hope I can make the vision a reality, bring you some value along the way, and in the end, impact the world in a positive way.

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